Polka Dot, Fingerless & Dipped Gloves For Warehouse Use

FlexiTog introduces its range of warehouse gloves, specifically created to withstand many of the dangers that come along with manual handling. Protect yourself with our variety of warehouse gloves from nasty cuts, abrasions, lacerations and serious injuries. We offer gloves with different features suited to several warehouse tasks and allow workers to carry out their jobs more safely and effectively. Browse through our collection of warehouse gloves and place your order before 4 PM for next-working-day delivery.

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AceGrip Lite Glove FG102
£ 2.42 £ 2.42 2.42 GBP (INC VAT)
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Active Touch Glove FG126
£ 17.15 £ 17.15 17.150000000000002 GBP (INC VAT)
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Canadian Rigger FG26
£ 4.22 £ 4.22 4.22 GBP (INC VAT)
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Criss Cross Grip FG14
£ 1.51 £ 1.51 1.51 GBP (INC VAT)
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Knitted Fingerless picking glove FG415
£ 2.75 £ 2.75 2.75 GBP (INC VAT)
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Knitted Gloves c/w Dot grip FG20
£ 1.02 £ 1.02 1.02 GBP (INC VAT)
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Polka Dot Glove FG55D
£ 1.15 £ 1.15 1.1500000000000001 GBP (INC VAT)
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Polka Dot Gloves FG55DW
£ 1.60 £ 1.60 1.6 GBP (INC VAT)

Polka Dot Gloves 

FlexiTog's polka dot gloves create more friction and ensure increased grip, ideal for handling slippery items. Featuring an elasticated wrist, the polka dot gloves offer customers a solid grip and the best fit. 

Fingerless Picking Gloves

FlexiTog's fingerless picking gloves offer flexibility and allow workers to grip items better. Our knitted acrylic fabric ensures a snug, comfortable fit while the core keeps hands warm, ideal for cold environments like chillers or freezers.

Canadian Rigger Gloves 

Perfect for agriculture, construction and warehouse operations. The 1-1.2mm thick leather material and heavy red drill backing ensures a thick and durable glove, providing ultimate protection to the hands. A rubberised cuff provides extra protection to the wrist, and a leather strip saves the knuckles from any serious injuries. Including an artery guard which protects from cuts and lacerations, our Canadian Rigger Gloves are the ideal option for any dangerous manual work. 

The FlexiTog Active Touch glove

This thermal touch screen glove is created especially for individuals working in harsh temperatures, such as in cold stores or freezers, and allows workers to operate screens and provides maximum warmth. Silicone grips ensure a great solid grip, and the velcro adjustable cuff helps keep drafts and the cold out.