Thermal Jackets for Freezer, Cold Store and Chilled Warehouses

Working in a temperature controlled warehouse? You've come to the right place! As well as a more traditional range of coldstore jackets we also have a range of modern jackets with advanced features for aiding comfort, warmth, breathability and flexibility. FlexiTog’s range of thermal jackets feature the high tech Clo insulation and deliver superior warmth, comfort. Choose from freezer jackets, coldwear jackets, warehouse jackets, chiller, thermo and gilet jackets. We also stock a selection of Hi-Viz jackets. Whether you’re looking for durable outdoor winter jackets or reliable freezer jackets certified for temperatures as low as -51c (and tested to -88c), you’ll find FlexiTog delivers a market leading selection of sub-zero jackets and coats that will help you carry out your work no matter how low the temperature. Browse our comprehensive range now and order online for fast delivery.

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