Workwear Salopettes & Trousers for Sub Zero temperatures

FlexiTog are the market leading manufacture in coldstore clothing for freezers, coldstores and chillers. Browse FlexiTog’s selection of thermal workwear trousers, designed to provide warmth and comfort in extreme sub-zero temperatures. Together with freezer trousers and freezer salopettes, FlexiTog also supplies coldwear salopettes, chiller trousers and long johns. We stock thermal lined trousers in a range of sizes, all manufactured to the very highest standards for optimum warmth, durability and comfort. Incorporating market leading features such as endurance fabric and adjustable leg length, our trousers are a practical and versatile option for a work wear environment in the extreme cold. Discover why FlexiTog is the UK’s leading supplier of superior insulated trousers and salopettes. Order before 4pm for next day delivery.

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