Thermal, Freezer and Workwear Jackets

FlexiTog's range of thermal, freezer and workwear jackets ensures adequate protection for individuals working in freezers and cold stores where temperatures can get as low as -51c. Featuring high-tech Clo insulation, these cold-wear jackets deliver superior warmth and comfort to the wearer, sufficiently protecting them from ailments such as frostbite and hypothermia. Browse through our collection below, and place your order before 4 PM for next-working-day delivery.
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As always, FlexiTog offers its customers quality products with its market-leading selection of sub-zero cold-wear, thermal, and warehouse jackets. Proper insulated clothing is the only effective prevention method against cold-induced illnesses. If you operate in sub-zero temperatures, we advise purchasing our insulated thermal jackets to keep the coldness out. Additionally, to provide maximum security, we have ensured our range of thermal workwear jackets can withstand temperatures as low as -88c.