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Unlike many manufacturers we produce the majority of our items from within Europe, therefore massively reducing the carbon footprint through reducing transport, in comparison to importing from the Far East.

As partway through our 'CLOSER TO HOME' campaign we are already seeing thousands of transport miles saved through shifting our main product lines closer to home. 

Aside from this it also means we can easily monitor child labour and ISO9001 standards, and it also makes us more flexible in terms of production and development.


We use DPD as our primary courier in the UK due to their commitment to carbon neutrality.

View their corporate social responsibility here

Alongside this, the UK's favourite parcel delivery group DPD has been voted the best in the business for the eighth year running, in's customer satisfaction survey.



An estimated 97% of our outer packaging is recyclable.

The impact of non-recyclable packing is of concern to us, hence our ongoing actions to maximize the use of recyclable materials.

Look out for the following logo on our product pages to show that the item you have selected uses recyclable options


Nothing to Landfill

For end-of-life garment recycling, we have partnered with Avena.  We offer our garment recycling service to all our UK customers for used FlexiTog clothing.  

FlexiTog stands out as one of the few cold store suppliers providing this distinctive service.


We partner with a local waste management company

To responsibly collect & recycle cardboard waste

How it Works

recycling your garments

Find out more about Avena


We collect the garments from your door

Fill our Bin

We place the garments in our special recycling bin

Avena Collect

Avena collects and responsibly recycles all garments


We will provide you with a certificate that your goods have been dealt with responsibly

We take our ethical responsibilities seriously

At FlexiTog we believe strongly in ethical principles and good stewardship. We are therefore proud to guarantee that we trade according to the Ethical Trading Criteria found below.

Ethical Trading Policy

.We also ask all our suppliers to affirm in writing to us that their businesses are also built on these ethical criteria. We have developed a full policy statement outlining how we expect our practice to develop to be able to offer strong guarantees to our customers that the services they receive from us have been ethically designed, managed, and implemented.

No Child Labor

We ensure that all our factories share the same ethical values so we can ensure that there is no child labour

No Discrimination

We ensure equal treatment and opportunities for all individuals

 Fair Wage

Wages are fair and comparable to industry standards and will always exceed the minimum wage.


Working conditions are safe and hygienic.

Labour Standards

FlexiTog is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The intention of the Partners is to follow the principles set out in the Code of Practices issued by the Commission for Racial Equality and the Equal Opportunities Commission. The provisions laid down in this policy aim to develop a program to eradicate all forms of institutional and individual discrimination in all aspects of the company's employment practices.

FlexiTog is therefore committed to implementing the principles of the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and our suppliers are members of Sedex. FlexiTog initiates SMETA audits on our supply chain partners.

About Sedex

About Sedex

Sedex is an ethical trade membership organization that helps businesses practices and source responsibility.

The importance of responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing is when a business proactively sources and services ethically and sustainably, throughout each tier of the supply chain.

Providing tools and services to help FlexiTog

- They map and understand our supply chain

- Work with our suppliers and ensure they are upholding safe and ethical practices

- Access the working conditions in our company and supply chain

- Access the environmental impacts of our business 

- Access guidance to improve working conditions

Visit Sedex to find out more