Our Heritage

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Our Heritage

Founded in 1979 we began our simple quest to keep people warm.

It's all about Keeping You Warm & Comfortable

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The Sky’s The Limit - Testing Our Products To The Extreme…

The Irish WingSuit Team ask for FlexiTog’s help in their death-defying attempt at a record breaking jump from 35000ft.

The team will be facing temperatures of below -50°C with the wind-chill factor of a staggering -96°C. Using our knowledge, expertise and technology we designed and manufactured their bespoke bodysuits for maximum flexibility and warmth, yet remaining extremely light weight. The feedback so far: "thermal bodysuits that are crazy freaking warm!"


Expanding at Your Leisure

With FlexiTog’s growing reputation for providing high-quality, effective cold weather clothing, we noted a demand for the same warmth and quality to be applied to a leisure range, and we listened. 2016 saw the launch of our brand new FlexiTog Leisure ranges, for both men and women, bringing the same FlexiTog mantra home to you, and allowing us to extend the reach of our aim to keep people warm.


Solidifying our Position

The escalating success of our FlexiTog products offered all the motivation we needed, and the team began to focus on further improving and expanding existing ranges. This continued focus on delivering the highest quality within our chiller-wear and freezer-wear ranges helped to establish FlexiTog as a leading name in the industry.


The Expedition to Success

With a new mission to push us forward, we got our next big breakthrough after supporting the British Antarctic Expedition. Seeing our FlexiTog range work so well in such extremes inspired a new wave of research within our insulation division. As Clo-I became its own brand focusing on pushing the boundaries in terms of insulation, FlexiTog continued to do as it has always done best: Keep people warm.


Perfected Over Generations...

Over 2 generations, we further refined our skills, steadily finding our speciality in cold temperature protective clothing. Identifying a gap in the frozen food industry for effective certified safety clothing, FlexiTog was formed and the aspiration was adapted; to keep people warm.


Born out of Passion

Back in 1979, we started out with one simple goal; to keep people safe. Not simply a job, this endeavour quickly became our mission, our passion and our life. Innovation became a necessity, and this soon became our driving force.