Warehouse picking gloves

FlexiTog's range of protective picking gloves allows workers to perform safely in all parts of warehouses, chillers or loading bays. Along with our protective and thermal workwear and accessories, our picking gloves for warehouse work protect hands from cuts, abrasions and cold, harsh temperatures. Therefore, we have ensured our warehouse picking gloves include an inner thermal liner for superior warmth and come in a variety of styles for different purposes, including polka dot, criss-cross grip, PVC, fingerless and more. Browse through our collection of gloves and place your order before 4 PM for next-working-day delivery.

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Polka Dot Gloves FG55DW
£ 1.60 £ 1.60 1.6 GBP (INC VAT)
0.0 / 5
Polka Dot Glove FG55D
£ 1.15 £ 1.15 1.1500000000000001 GBP (INC VAT)
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Knitted Fingerless picking glove FG415
£ 2.75 £ 2.75 2.75 GBP (INC VAT)
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Knitted Gloves c/w Dot grip FG20
£ 1.02 £ 1.02 1.02 GBP (INC VAT)
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Criss Cross Grip FG14
£ 1.51 £ 1.51 1.51 GBP (INC VAT)
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AceGrip Lite Glove FG102
£ 2.42 £ 2.42 2.42 GBP (INC VAT)

As a brand, FlexiTog has ensured it offers a fully-fledged protection workwear collection for you and your team. Our warehouse picking gloves are an essential part of this collection and help workers stay safe from serious accidents when operating in stock, warehouse spaces or chillers. Minimize the risk of serious accidents while operating machinery or working in cold temperatures by ensuring proper hand protection and using our warehouse picking gloves. Our gloves also feature a thermal liner, preserving warmth in sub-zero temperatures.