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Active Aqua Jacket

The ActiveAqua jacket is tested to EN 14058 and is used widely for companies that deal with wet and cold environments. It provides great protection against wet boxes whilst maintaining great warmth and breathability with the BreathEasy flap at the back. This jacket has been developed alongside some of the largest cold storage companies in Europe, and has taken over 18 months to do so. As part of the development detailed tests for longevity, warmth and breathability show that the Active Aqua Jacket certainly enhances the users ability to thermoregulate, meaning the ability to keep at a comfortable temperature even when the outside temperature is very different. One particular test shows after 90 minutes the temperature inside the jacket only changed from 26.6°C to 25.2°C. The warm and breathable insulation and the Breatheasy flap on the back enhance this performance.

Defence technology

This garment uses specialist insulation and materials so that it can withstand 30 washes without losing it’s thermal performance. Find more about Defence Technology here.

Benefits of the Active Aqua Jacket

  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Certified to EN14058
  • Waterproof front fabric - designed for use in areas where seafood and wet produce is handled
  • Clo Insulation - Clo Insulation provides great comfort & warmth whilst being extremely lightweight and non-bulky
  • Multiple Pockets - Pockets on the sleeve, chest, internal zipped and velcro pockets and four large pockets on the front.
  • High fleeced collar - Providing more comfort than a standard collar. This also enables the wearer more freedom of movement for their head, in turn reducing stress and fatigue.
  • Voice pick pocket & loops inside the jacket provide a solution that is up-to-date with the latest voice pick systems. The aperture on the collar also provides an opening for the headset that won't let cold air in.
  • Lightweight material - Lightweight material on the back of the jacket helps reduce fatigue for the user, at the same time as aiding breathability


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