Coldstore clothing FAQ's

It is crucial to have the right clothing on when working in cold stores due to the risks involved of being improperly covered, or even in some cases, being too insulated. Prolonged exposure is known to lead to various harmful effects to your body ranging from decreased physical performance to frost bite. Given that most cold store workers are likely to be working over shifts of many hours, investing in appropriate cold store clothing is the very first thing you need to do.

If you’re having trouble deciding what kind of cold store clothing you need to get, read through our list of frequently asked questions to learn more.

What is cold store clothing?

Cold store clothing is workwear designed to offer protection from the cold and any other hazards that are present in cold stores. Because regular workwear simply doesn’t offer enough insulation to keep you warm, cold store clothing is designed to offer the optimum protection and keep your body temperature steady.

What items of cold store clothing are available?

While the first cold store workwear items that come to mind are are jackets, gloves and trousers, it is important to wear the correct boots, thermal baselayers and headwear too, in order keep your entire body warm.

Is all cold store clothing the same?

Cold store clothing can be designed with different levels of insulation as not all cold stores are set at the same temperature, and not all activity levels are the same between workers.

How do I know which cold store workwear to get?

The appropriate workwear to invest in is heavily dependent on what exactly your role is in the cold store. Those who are engaging in high-activity work where you are on your feet or doing a lot of lifting will manage to keep somewhat warm naturally due to physical activity. However, a low-activity job will mean your body generates less heat due to inactivity, which can then necessitate workwear with higher insulation.

How long can I wear cold store clothing for?

Because of the differences in physical activity between jobs, recommended wearing times can vary from person to person. FlexiTog have an excellent feature next to all of our items online which shows you the recommended usage for the clothing you are looking at.

What else can help keep me warm?

Breathability is an important feature in thermal workwear. This essentially controls the airflow underneath your clothing which plays a key role in keeping you warm. High-activity usage such as lifting or being on your foot a lot tends to demand a lot more breathability, while stationary roles such as forklift driving won’t need so much breathability as the body will remain at a relatively stable temperature. If you are a picker, we would recommend a lighter weight garment with performance insulation such as an Endurance Active garment. A driver would require a garment with more warmth, therefore something that is highly rated for this kind of activity such as the Endurance Drive collection would be more suited.

What problems can occur without adequate warmwear?