Published by: FlexiTog, 16/11/2020 11:06 AM

It is vitally important to stay warm in chilled environments, especially if you’re going to be working there for most of the day. Here at FlexiTog, we specialise in creating top quality thermal workwear perfect for a range of cold environments. Whether you’re simply looking to wrap up with some thermal gloves or a hat or need highly insulated workwear from head-to-toe for sub-zero atmospheres, FlexiTog are industry leaders in thermal workwear and are proud to be partners with some of the country’s leading organisations such as Tesco, AA and DHL.

The Chiller Long Jacket X12W

One of the most important weapons in your armoury against the cold is a trusty jacket. The Chiller Long Jacket X12W is one of the finest we offer, providing protection all the way up to your neck down to your waist and hands. With its high fleece collar insulating the often uncovered neck area and a built-in wrist and glove cuff providing warmth to your hands and arms, the Chiller Long Jacket X12W is understandably one of our most popular.

Chiller Trousers X12T

There’s no use wrapping up one area of your body and not quite protecting the rest or you’ll soon start feeling the cold. Our Chiller Trousers X12T is the perfect way to provide additional coverage to your body by offering full protection to your lower body. Designed with special HTTY Rip-stop fabric, these trousers are perfect for those working in demanding environments and need a pair of trousers they can rely on. As a lightweight garment with a pre-curved knee design, the Chiller Trousers X12T is made to minimise wearer fatigue and be a comfortable fit for all.

PolarSnug 420 Boots

A trustworthy and durable pair of boots is vital in chilled conditions, not just for warmth but also for improved grip and protection in potentially slippery conditions. The PolarSnug 420 is a resilient and dependable boot designed to offer both functionality and comfort. With its 200J steel toe cap, slip resistant sole and high level of insulation to offer warmth and safety, the PolarSnug 420 also provides great comfort with its fur-lining and ergonomic design.

North Ice 430 Gloves

The North Ice 430 gloves come with a variety of important features to offer maximum warmth, protection and grip. The Sherpa fleece lining offers an excellent combination of warmth and comfort, while the elasticated wrist helps to further block out cold air and provides a comfortable fit. These gloves are an ideal addition to your thermal workwear, helping to protect your hands from both the cold and workplace hazards.

FH75 Insulated Hat

A nice warm hat is the perfect way to top off your thermal workwear outfit, providing some much needed insulation to a vital area of your body. The insulated knitted hat utilises hollow fibre technology to boost heat retention, whilst the insulated lining maximises the level of warmth provided by the hat.