Why is breathable insulation so important

When it comes to designing thermal wear that is both warm and comfortable, breathability is a crucial factor. What this term means is that air is still able to circulate through your clothing so that moisture is able to evaporate sufficiently and you do not overheat. While staying warm is the number one concern, clothing without breathability can eventually lead to sweating as your body is not able to let out excess heat.

This is why many thermal clothes are now made with breathable materials so that you are able to stay warm without things getting too hot. This is especially important for those who stay active outdoors such as hikers and joggers, as breathable materials allow enough airflow to ventilate excess body heat created through strenuous activity.

Below are some of the main reasons why you may want to consider getting thermal wear with breathable insulation.


While a top quality thermal jacket is going to keep you warm even in the most extreme of environments, sometimes too much insulation can be a bad thing if you are going to be wearing a jacket in a variety of environments. For example, an employee regularly shifting between a cold store and a warehouse might find they overheat significantly when temperatures are near to room temperature.

This is a problem that can easily be overcome with a breathable jacket as it helps to ensure that any excess body heat your body is creating is ventilated. This allows you to seamlessly transition from one environment to another without having to worry about getting too hot and sweaty.


When your body engages in strenuous physical activity it automatically generates body heat over time. While at first a jacket will offer some much needed warmth in the cold, after your body goes up a few gears and warms up you may find your thermal clothing causes more problems than it solves, as you begin to sweat and overheat.

Breathable insulation is particularly important for those wearing thermal wear on the job, especially if the job involves a lot of physical activity as your body is going to be generating a lot of heat on its own as a consequence of your hard work. It is simply inconvenient to repeatedly put your jacket on and off as your body temperature fluctuates between hot and cold, so an item featuring breathable insulation is the best way forward.


Just how breathable your garment should be will depend on what exactly you will be doing whist wearing it. As mentioned previously, more body heat is generated when you are active, so thermal wear with high breathability will be much more suited to those engaging in hard labour or staying very active outdoors. For those who don’t anticipate breaking too much of a sweat whilst on the job, clothing with moderate breathability is preferred.

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