Published by: FlexiTog, 16/11/2020 10:05 AM

Chill-wear, Cold-wear, and Freeze-wear are all vital for keeping people healthy and warm when working in unnatural environments. However, we know that a lot of misconceptions are harboured about these types of clothing, and this can put people off. We want to bust some of the most common myths about cold-wear clothing, and prove that people can be comfortable whilst also wearing it. Warm.

It’s really heavy. The first misconception about cold-wear clothing is that because of its superior insulation qualities it’s going to be really heavy to wear. New technologies mean that this simply isn’t true! For example, our X120 collection is super lightweight, whilst also being extremely strong and able to do its job of keeping you warm properly.

It makes movement difficult. We know that people who wear cold-wear clothing to do their jobs, often have jobs that require a lot of movement, so the concern that warm wear could limit mobility is one that we take very seriously. Items such as our jackets and coveralls are designed to be flexible, with StretchEasy™ & ReachEasy™ technology increasing the wearer’s comfort and ability to move freely. Our Clo-i collection also uses FlexEasy™, which is designed to fit the wearer perfectly and offer a maximum level of comfort.

It gets really sweaty. A lot of people worry that wearing clothing designed to keep them warm will make them perspire a lot, making things quite uncomfortable. However, this is

untrue as long as the cold-wear is engineered in the right way. Our Clo-i Collection uses innovative layered insulation technology, which keeps you warm whilst also allowing for wicking and breathability.

Gloves make it impossible to pick anything up. Working in chillers or freezers means that hands need to be protected from the cold, but a common misconception about cold-wear clothing is that the gloves are a headache, and make it really hard to do anything with your hands. However, the chiller gloves that we offer are lightweight, easy to grip with, and extremely flexible, and although freezer gloves cannot offer the dexterity of bare hands, they do incorporate UltraGrip technology as well as a pre-curved ergonomic design which fits the natural shape of the hand, making movement easier.

Balaclavas are itchy and annoying to wear. The head is the area of the body where people often lose a lot of heat- this is partly because it is the part of the body most people leave unclothed, so when working in a cold environment, protecting your head is a must-do. For many people the idea of wearing a balaclava isn’t a good one, because they think it will get in their way and be uncomfortable. We think comfort is really important for people to be able to do their jobs properly, so our FH88C balaclavas offer maximum breathability and softness whilst our FH90 Balaclavas are adjustable to face size.